4 December 2010

Survey's, snow and smiles

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you lovely people that have filled in one of my survey's. This has helped massively with some all important market research. I initially aimed at getting 100 completed but....I actually managed to get over a 120 filled out! As I kept them quite simple I have been able to notice trends easily. Which is a BIG help!

So what with all this gorgeous snow we've had this past week and the fact the Christmas period has begun I'm finding it hard to do a few things from my still, mega long, business to-do list. Isn't it CRAZY how much a bit of snow can affect everyday life?!! But I have embraced it and actually unlike many others I've enjoyed it, especially watching the Hud-man play in it, laugh in it, fall in it, run in it and just generally be the little kid he still is. 

I've been reliably informed that a good blog needs some pictures. So to hopefully make this a good AND interesting blog here's a few....

Because of the snowy weather we've had more time to ourselves indoors this week. So we got busy in the kitchen and followed in the footsteps of Nigella Lawson and continued what is also one of our families favourite Christmas tradition's by making biscuits for our Christmas tree.

I never thought I'd be one of those parents who let their kids put their homemade decorations on their tree and really love them. But yep, you guessed it-I'm one of those parents! The Hud-man LOVES the decorations he's made so much, he talks to them, about them, holds them, and touches them all the time. The two white ones in the centre of this photo are ones he made from just card and a bit of glitter and glue, but boy is he proud of them! You should of seen his face when I said we could put ribbon in them and hang them on our tree! I just love how kids are easily satisfied!
Here's another example of the Hud-man's Christmas creations-

I honestly don't think he could have shown more excitement and happiness after finishing these, even if I'd let him loose in Hamley's! Again, sooo easy to make all you need is card, glue, scissors and lots of tissue paper. These kept the Hud-man's attention for ages, and well for me that's a BIG thing! These window decorations could well be a on the Christmas craft list at Eat-n-Mess one day. Great for little ones, and parents on a budget....and what parent isn't on a budget at this time of year!?

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  1. LOVE the home made tree decorations!!! our (kenny family tree) still has a home made silver tin foiled star on top! it must be 25 years old! its the most precious decoration on the tree yet to every one else im sure it just looks scruffy and tacky! the best christmas trees are those decorated with love and sentimentality!
    Also love your personal touch to the blog..yes blog about your life and your crafty son too! sharing the craft ideas is great for your readers/business! go kelly!