25 November 2010

Many good people in the world

So the waiting is over....I can officially have the name 'Eat-n-Mess'! So happy and relieved. After a bit of chasing up from my husband we got the good news that there are no problems with us having the same name as another business. My husband received this email from the partner of the owner of the other Eat 'n' Mess'- "As discussed I have no objection to you registering company / domain names
that you wish however I will retain the company registration and domain
names that have been registered. Should this change I will let you know.
Many thanks for your mail and best of luck with your new business."

But, and here's the but, we still aren't really official as it is not yet registered with Companies House. This is a scary and long form to fill in. I've quickly learnt its best to take your time with the big things before you do anything hasty. But hopefully very soon I can report that we really are a proper limited company. Also then I can register a domain name which I'm unexplainably excited about!

I went on my last business planning course on Monday through Business Link again. I was taught, inspired, instructed but I learnt the most valuable things from one man who was there to learn too. He was an ex-British Army serviceman who had been injured from serving on the front line in Afghanistan in 2008. He had one of his legs blown to pieces by shrapnel but amazingly it wasn't bad enough to be amputated. So he has to live with unbearable pain and the leg is always super stiff. He can just about manage stairs but is in a lot of pain and told us how he wakes up screaming EVERY night in agony because the knee locks and theres nothing he can do. He has been unable to work ever since. He was 2 years off of completing a full Army career. He was devastated. He told his story quietly and softly and I could tell he didn't want or expect pity. He was there to make his life and his families lives better by embarking on a total career change. He is in the process of training to become a solicitor and is aiming to own his own practise and specialise in family law. He was the only solider that has been injured through fighting in Afghanistan that I have had the honour in meeting. I've watched many programmes about them on TV, but meeting one made it so much more real and truly made me appreciate what those remarkable men and women do every day and the sacrifices they make. I didn't actually learn a great deal from this course as I'd been taught most of it through the PT course but the experience of meeting this gentleman and the impression it left on me was well worth the time and effort.

It really is that time now. I have been on courses, I have read numerous books, sought advice from various sources and searched MANY different websites with hints, tips and advice for writing a business plan so now I just have to DO IT!!

But first I'll just have a quick browse for more recipes of edible homemade gifts.....because Christmas is coming......and FAST!


  1. Kelly, this is GREAT news! Congrats.

    I was telling a friend (in london) about your idea (we were talking about how we needed more indoor spots for our kids in the winter!) and she and i were both wishing you'd open it up here. up for a commute into london?? :)


  2. Well actually Lindsey if i can make a real success of this then I would of course love to have a chain of them, perhaps even the possibility may come to franchise one day as I think a lot of areas of London are prime places for this sort of business.....we'll see!