31 January 2011

Help! I have an addiction!

Where to begin?...As I haven't blogged all month I thought I'd just include a bit of what's been happening since I last posted way back on Christmas Eve. Does that seem like an eternity ago to anyone else?

My best boy turned three! He's getting all big. I hate it! I wish children could stay little for a bit longer. So I thought I'd share a birthday picture of the Hud-man's big day but I'm trying to not be predictable so I decided against the traditional blowing out candles picture. The silly glasses I'm wearing are from a 'Scooby Doo' magazine that my husband bought for the Hud-man. He thought it was hilarious when I put them on. I couldn't resist his natural grin.

Significant other: I potty trained the Hud-man! He 'got it' in less than a week. I was and still am shocked but really proud of him. I don't do sitting on the toilet photo's. 
I guess when you're a three year old boy, playing in a cardboard box and wearing big boy 'Cars' pants is pretty great!

This is my addiction- SOUP! January to me is a cold and boring month so I've spent many a morning making soups! I love it so much, from making it to eating it. I've realised that the older I get the more of a food snob I become. I now will generally only eat homemade soups! Quite funny as I was brought up on Heinz oxtail soup! My love of soups has transferred down to the Hud-man too, luckily because he's not the greatest veggie eater.

From left to right- Watercress and potato,
Broccoli and stilton, 
Lemon, chicken and noodle,
Roasted parsnip and cumin,
and in the centre- Carrot. My choice of soup.

He's not too keen on Lemon, chicken and noodle soup. Can you tell?!
Carrot soup on the other hand he never refuses. Every time I make it and say to him "Would you like some carrot soup and bread?" He always replies "Yes! 'Cus that's my favourite!"
We like to bake. Cupcakes always cheer us up. No matter what.

I have another addiction. I love anything starry. So when I did an Ikea run recently for one particular thing, I of course came away with a few other unneccessary items. Ikea is just not worth going to for just one thing, right? So when I saw these starry jars I had to get one, and immediately imagined them sitting on the counter at Eat-n-Mess filled with mini marshmallows ready to top hot chocolates!......but for now this one's just storing our sneaky biscuits.

I occasionally let the Hud-man eat Oreo's. Slap my hand the next time you see me if you want!

My baby had a little accident last week. It wasn't fun. He ran and tripped hard into the base of my bed. He was very brave. I was more freaked out than he was!

My husband and I had our fifth wedding anniversary. But as we had a little wounded soldier to look after we scrapped our romantic plans and went out for pizza with him instead. It was actually great fun. Photographic evidence that other Dad's might just enjoy a little craft-ernoon at Eat-n-Mess with their kid's too. My husband loves drawing pictures and colouring in with the Hud-man.

Finally, did I mention that I HATE that my son is growing up?! I grabbed a bargain and got him a booster car seat. It's crazy how fast time goes by, seems like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital in his baby car seat. He loves this new seat though. It seems a bit too grown-up for him though to me. Why do kids have to grow up so fast nowadays? One thing's for sure; at Eat-n-Mess kids can be kids and play, explore, create and never have to act like grown-ups.

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  1. Great pics Kelly - I am so into soup too - I am trying a new recipe each week - kids are not so keen but they are sticking with me!!! ;0)