14 February 2011

Feeling and sharing the love

As it's Valentine's Day I thought I would share a little of what we got up to today and a few other things too.

My star obsession continues to grow stronger.


I recently learnt the art of making tie-fleece blankets, and I'm now well on my way to becoming obsessed with those too. They could be a fun activity for older children to do at Eat-n-Mess with their parents or even by themselves....depending how scissor savvy they are! They make perfect baby gifts.

I got my first brand new oven and hob, it was a very good day! The door closes fully, it has a light, a timer and barely makes any noise! There's no stopping me now as far as practising baked goods go. It's all in the name of business though of course!

The first thing I baked in it had to be cookies.

I was really unorganised concerning everything Valentine's this year, thanks to a busy weekend, and well, life kind of takes over and moves a bit too quickly sometimes doesn't it? But luckily I managed to pull a few supplies together, mostly recycled stuff that we cut up and glued together, to make a little something for the Hud-man's little Valentine. Their relationship has blossomed rapidly in the last few weeks so we couldn't let Valnetine's Day come and go without giving her something. I decided a hanging heart garland would be fun to make as the Hud-man's favourite creative activity is glueing. I toyed with the idea of heart shaped cookies but as cookie decorating really is not my forte I quickly reasoned that at least a garland would last longer. I got a little inspiration for the garland from here. Definitely one of my new favourite blogs.

Next we got to work on the all important cards. Simple card and fabric hearts, with a whole load of glitter chucked in for good measure- the boys' favourite part of the whole activity.

Lastly it was time to deliver the goods. The Hud-man could barely wait....it must be love. I don't think the pictures need much more explaining, apart from to say that obviously there's been many-a-cute-Hud-man moments but this has to be one of my favourites.....so far.

I have an important and potentially very exciting meeting on Friday afternoon to prepare for now. It could be the start that Eat-n-Mess really needs to get off the ground, so cross your fingers for me that it goes well.

Until next time, I hope you all are having/had a very loving Valentine's Day!

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