3 March 2011

A little bit of progress is better than none, right?

I finally have something business related to blog about. After choosing an illustrator whose work I really love, I decided to contact her and ask if she would be able to design a logo for Eat 'n' mess. JoyNevada's work is awesome, she's especially great at drawing little animals which she prints onto baby and children's clothes. You can read her blog here and look her up on Etsy

But she didn't just agree to design a logo she also said she would do a header that could be used for a number of things: Letter heads, complimentary slips and a blog header. I highly recommend her, she's fast and reliable too! So here's the progress so far, starting with the logo-

Or is this one better?....

The header and its progress so far-

Spot the difference between the colour headers, and then comment on which one you like best. There's only two differences!

Now you get to say which name design you like best. I think I like the first one, how about you?
I know they're all fabulous aren't they! Thanks again Nevada- you rock!!

One last thing. So just when I'd given up hoping that the Prince's Trust would help me further I got a call from one of their mentor's saying he wants to take me on! So I have my first meeting with him next Friday. I'm excited because he was one of the mentor's that taught us on the course back in October. Also it gave me the added motivation I needed to get my teeth stuck into the nitty gritty of the vital business plan. I spent Monday home alone trying to get as many quotes for monthly utility bills, rent and rates. I don't want to bore you, so I'll just say it was no easy task, especially as maths has never been one of my strong points. But nothing when it comes to making calls to energy companies is simple, is it?! But it was a small piece of important progress that has really helped, the frustrating job actually made me feel good, as I could have easily used Monday to sleep off my cold but I resisted and did something productive. Don't you love days like that?

Don't forget to tell me what you think of the logo and header, all feedback is gratefully received. Thanks.


  1. I like the all lower case writing and the 3 tier cake stand but maybe get rid of one of the cakes and put something else arty in its place. The first apostrophe needs switching round though, so they enclose the n if you know what I mean?!

    The first header works best.....equal opportunities :)

    Excellent, I love all of this x

  2. Nevada is amazing. I love what she did with my logo for Urban Mums! :)

    LOVE these logos. I think they are perfect and capture just what i imagine in this future cool space. As far as colour headers, i like the first best too - but i would maybe move the name somewhere else. i think it's a bit lost on the lower left side.

    I love the logos! the three-tier stand with the lowercase name is my favourite.

    how exciting! great job kelly and nevada!

  3. Wow Kel, these are amazing, I just love all the illustrations, they are fab.

    Logos: First of all i LOVE the idea, it's clever and cute, the message is clear and the look/feel really suits your business ideas. I prefer the last three options, especially the final one as I prefer the cupcake with white frosting rather than the other way round. Also I really like the pen pot. Can't decide between the final one or the one with the splodge of paint which I think is a really nice touch.

    Header: I love bunting! I prefer the one where the Eat 'n' Mess logotype is top/centered.

    Logotype: The first one gets my vote, the n is to distracting in number two. I like the uppercase E and M, they work really well.

    Overall this is a brilliant execution of your brief, JoyNevada is super talented. Well done Kel, so proud of you. xxx

  4. THANK YOU for commenting you lovely ladies. xx

  5. Love to know your thoughts on my cupcakes just started a business at www.stickyandsweetcupcake.co.uk and would like to know what you think thxs Louise