25 March 2011

Pleased as punch

So as you can see the final header is all done! Doesn't it look gorgeous!! I'm so pleased, and it turned out even better than I had anticipated. I plan to have the header displayed on one of the cafe's walls.

But the thing that's even more important to the business is the logo. I'm so glad I decided to use Joy Nevada because the final logo couldn't be more perfect. Thanks again!

My meeting with my mentor went really well. It was so positive, it really gave me a boost. Apparently everything I'm doing so far is right! So nice to know I have someone whose there at the end of the phone/email to offer support. People ask me a lot "How's the business?", I often feel lame because it hasn't progressed much since they last asked me, but I will say that the progress is slow but steady. Even though I don't have a lot of time to devote to it right now I'm still loving it all the same. It's still so exciting when I get a little bit done. Through much research I have found a really great company for all the arts and crafts supplies. I was beginning to lose hope, and they even have superb customer service...I know, shocking!

The company; 'Eat 'n' Mess Craft Cafe Ltd' is now official. It's registered (finally)! We have domain names registered too. So anyone thinking about nicking eatnmesscraftcafe.com or .co.uk don't bother, because they're mine!

Hopefully I'll get some 'business-y time' soon where I can crack on....but with an active three year old son and a husband who works crazy shifts, it doesn't look too hopeful! But I'm not complaining because I'd hate to lead a quiet life.


  1. Kelly your blog looks amazing. Love the header and spotty background too. Really glad you  went for the logo with the paint splodge and the upper case E and M. It all looks fab. Xxx

  2. Gorgeous design, I love the colours and the cute illustration style, lovely bunting!

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    Snowdon- Amy's told me lots of lovely things about you! :)