20 April 2011

Cakes, sun & dino eggs!

I recently had the privilege of baking a cake for a friend's birthday dinner. I'd been thinking of creating my own Eton mess 'Eat 'n' Mess-cake' for some time. As I wouldn't just want to play it safe and have Eton mess predictably on menu. It turned out well, but definitely had room for improvement. I did make Eton mess cupcakes too, which were heavenly, but I didn't get a chance to get a picture of them.

Last week we visited Wakehurst Place gardens in Sussex. It was a lovely day, spent with lovely people. On the way out I walked through the shop to buy some drinks. I walked past this cake stand then had to turn back and have another quick look. Then I took this photo of it on my phone, so I guess I don't need to tell you that I liked it, a lot. I immediately imagined/day-dreamed of it at Eat 'n' Mess piled with fresh scones, or cupcakes, or whoopie pies, or...or.........

My husband had a birthday. We made him chocolate and malt cupcakes. Tweaked from one of my many favourite Nigella recipes. Wouldn't they look even more delicious on the slate stand?!

For those of you who have been living on the moon of late, or just not living in the UK, we are enjoying a fabulous heatwave. I LOVE the sun. Sometimes a bit too much. I blame the sun and my son on me getting no-where with the business plan. But I'm enjoying the Easter holidays and don't want to miss out on any of the Hud-man's growing up.

He's a bit obsessed with eggs at the moment (I'm hoping most kid's are right now, not just mine), and he loves dinosaurs so when I came across this crafty activity I knew it would go down well with him. I honestly had as much fun with this as he did! In fact I think we may do it again next week, but with better food colouring.


  1. Kel, your Eton mess cake looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and I'm super impressed with the icing on your cupcakes - why don't mine look like that? BTW I'm also obsessed with cakes stands - never seen a slate one before.

  2. Love it! And what a darling little guy you have!

  3. Amy- The cake really wan't amazing, but thanks anyway! I'm thinking when we next meet up we need to bake more. :)

    Sara- Thank you!! and wow what a super quick reply, super impressed.

  4. Those chocolate cup cakes look delicious!